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Wells Fargo Mortgage Program

Homebuying and refinancing made easier and more affordable

The Union Plus® Mortgage program, with financing available through Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, can help you purchase a home while also receiving special benefits by virtue of your union membership.


For qualifying members, exclusive benefits include a $500 My Mortgage Gift Award card from Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and, from Union Plus, special hardship assistance and the opportunity to earn a $500 First-Time Home Award.


Looking to refinance? The Union Plus Mortgage program, with financing from Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, might be able to help you lower your monthly mortgage payments and/or shorten your loan term.


The program provides a broad range of financing options to help meet the needs of most borrowers -- and when you refinance, you'll receive an exclusive $500 My Mortgage Gift award card from Wells Fargo Home Mortgage after closing. You'll also be eligible for special hardship assistance from Union Plus.


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Peace of mind with unique union assistance

When you buy or refinance a home through the Union Plus Mortgage program and experience income loss, turn to Union Plus mortgage assistance. The program provides interest-free loans and grants to help you make mortgage payments when you're disabled, unemployed, locked out, or on strike.

Over the life of the Union Plus mortgage assistance program, we've provided more than $10.6 million in assistance to union members. Check details and eligibility for loan/grant assistance here. Note: The first $1,000 is a grant that does not need to be repaid.

**AFT does not have a relationship with Wells Fargo Mortgage Program and the Union Plus benefits associated with that plan aren’t available to Calcasieu members

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