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Save 15% Off Your Monthly AT&T Wireless Service and Up to $400 in Rebates


LFT members who are already AT&T customers can get the Union Plus 15% discount: 


  1. Visit the AT&T Premier site for union members.
  2. Choose the button "Register for Discounts".
  3. On the resulting Web page, fill in your email address and your wireless phone number (note, if you are on a family plan type in the main phone number.) Then click, "continue".
  4. On the next page, type in the last four digits of the Social Security Number and zip code associated with the wireless account and click "continue"; you'll be instructed on how the 15% discount will be applied to your account.


  1. Find an official AT&T store near you. Note: The union discount is ONLY available at AT&T stores, NOT at any authorized dealer or kiosk. Please be aware that the store listing shows both, so please be sure to visit an AT&T store.
  2. Bring this coupon and one of the following acceptable forms of union identification to the store:
    • a AFT membership card
    • a AFT+ Credit Card
    • proof of payment of union dues
  3. Make sure you notify the AT&T store that the Union Plus discount FAN number is: 3508840.


AFT+ Credit Card Holders Save $250
 Upgrade to a new smartphone with an AT&T data plan and we'll give you up to $100. Move to AT&T from another provider and receive up to $150 towards the cost of moving your service. Hurry! Funds are limited. See if you qualify for these rebates.
Get an Addtional $150 Credit from AT&T
Recieve and addtional $150 credit  from AT&T when switching carriers and purchasing a new smartphone. Click here for details!
Double the Data, not the Price! 
The AT&T Mobile Share Value plan allows union members to share data across multiple devices. Not only does that mean a simple, all-in-one plan that spreads your data across up to 10 devices, but this data also qualifies for the 15% AT&T Union Plus discount.  Now, union members can get double the amount of data offered on Mobile Share Value plans with plans ranging from 30 GB (priced at 15 GB) to 100 GB (priced at 50 GB) of data. Click here to start >>
What can you do with 30 GB of data in one month?
  • 600 hours of web surfing
  • 40 hours of HD video
  • 250 hours of music
  • 1000 photo downloads
  • 200 app or song downloads
  • 1000 emails sent with attachments

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